8 June 2011

When You Cannot Find Boxes

I woke up this mission with one goal in mind: to sort out storage for the summer.  This meant getting boxes and talking with the administrative powers in my hall about stashing my worldly possessions.

As you can see, I have quite a good bit of stuff to store!  And this is only the desk...

Of course that didn't stop me from taking a stop at the library (again!) to print off a map for my trip to London tomorrow.  Though I did manage to send some emails about arranging storage once I got there.  I must stop going to the library, I finished exams, but seem drawn to that building like a moth to light.

Since I was in uni already, I decided to head to my favorite cafe to enjoy a latte.  If you gave me just coffee and chocolate I'm sure I could survive for a freakishly long time.  Even longer if you threw in some roasted veggies.  

This was some of the prettiest latte art I've ever gotten, I had to take a photo.

Then, it was to Ryman, English Staples, in order to get boxes and masking tape.  Stuff that I assume is generally needed in order to move house.  Not that I would know, this being the first time I will ever really move.  I've lived in the same house in New York my whole life and am kind of intimidated by the whole process.  Much to my surprise, they didn't have any boxes!  Is that just me, or is it kind of weird?  They did have masking tape, but that's not much help right now...

Me being generally confused.  Lovely face...

Oh well!  This will have to be a task for Friday...which is getting dangerously close to having to have everything sorted out.  I expect my weekend to be a flurry of boxes and suitcases, much to my chagrin.

What about your experiences moving house?  Did you ever have to do it before entering college/university?  Did you ever have to find storage when abroad?

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