13 June 2011

Goals Re-cap and New Aims

Before even looking back at my goals for last week I know I did not get all I wanted to accomplished.  Why?  Because I was so much busier than I expected to be!  For some reason I thought that once exams were done it'd be smooth sailing; I was horribly mistaken.  Nevertheless, let's look at what I did get accomplished, I'd much rather focus on what I did rather than what did not take place.

Like my awesome trip to London!

Health Goals:

1.  Go to the gym twice Mission accomplished!  Despite my sometimes hectic schedule I managed to schlep myself to the university gym twice, enjoying a simple endurance workout the first time and some interval training.
2.  Avoid highly processed foods Eh.  I didn't fail at this one, but I didn't eat squeaky clean either.  Yes, there were some nutella covered dried apricots eaten (one of my favorite foods!) as well as some soreen and a box of Pierre Herme macarons, but overall I feel that I did a good job eating real food at meals. 
3.  Drink all of my big Evain bottle Usually accomplished just fine.  Hopefully it will be easier to drink more water when I get home and can actually stomach the tap water sans puking.

Mission (mostly) Accomplished!

Personal Goals:

1. Buy boxes early in the week Who knew this would be so hard?  Definitely did not accomplish this, can't even pretend like I did.
2. Read for at least thirty minutes a day Again, ha.  I finished a book, but definitely did not read for thirty minutes a day, I had way too many other things going on!
3. Write at least once a day Even bigger joke.  I think I wrote twice.  I hardly had any time to breathe let alone write down some quality reflections.

Misson not so accomplished

Goals for this week are less clear-cut because my schedule is all over the place, what with me going home on Wednesday.  I don't think I'll believe that until I'm turning in my keys to the porter and am sitting on my plane.  Since this week is a bit more disorganized my goals will be a bit more disorganized.   I know there is no way I could possibly accomplish a huge list, so I'm not going to make one.  This isn't not shooting high, this is preventing myself from being stretched too thin, something I'm all-to-often guilty of!

Oh, hi New York!

General Goals 13/6-19/6

1.  Use my filofax to remain organized amidst the chaos that is about to become my world.  I don't do well with disorganization, I constantly need to clean my room, after dinner my plate is cleaned almost immediately, I even need to make sure my hand writing is neat enough.  Anyway, my room will be messy for the next couple of days.  When I get home, everything will be in a suitcase.  In order to not literally lose my mind, I shall write down what I need to do in my beloved filofax, that way I always have a place where my mind can go that is organized.

2.  Mix up my workout routine.  Since I'll be in two different places with two very different sets of resources at my disposal this week, I want to use this to my advantage!  Often when moving, it's easy to push exercise from one's mind, but this always makes me feel more stressed.  Going on a long run, doing some yoga, using the gym, lifting weights, heck even taking a long walk will all help me keep interested with fitness when it could easily be the last thing on my mind!

3.  Remain in touch with people.  This is another thing that is so easy to forget when moving, but really helps to keep my mind clear.  I will respond to emails, hang out with friends, talk to my parents and skype people this week.  Just because I'm changing country does not mean that my interactions with people need to be compromised.

Okay, I'll stop with the word vomit now...hope everyone has a productive and goal accomplishing week!

How often do you set goals?  Weekly?  Monthly?  Never?  How do you know if you've accomplished those tasks?

Un Bacione,


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