11 June 2011

Productive Saturday

I still haven't started packing.  I got up early this morning with plans to be super productive, and while I have gotten quite a bit done already today, putting my room into boxes has not been begun.  Honestly, I'm a little intimidated, just look at the instructions on this one,

I'm beyond confused!

My morning began with a nice gym session, twenty minutes on the elliptical and a half-hour interval workout on the treadmill.  Although the interval workout was fun, I didn't find it as challenging as I thought it was going to be.  The focus was on an increasing incline done while walking.  Next time I try an interval workout, I might lower the incline slightly, but increase the speed.  

It was an absolutely lovely morning, however!

Before heading back to halls to begin packing (not), I had a couple of errands to run.  In order to sustain me through those errands I snacked on an energy bar that I picked up the other day.  I'd tried some bars from this brand before and have loved every single one, so I had high hopes.

They call it a Bliss Bar, but would it taste like bliss?

Not too bad on the ingredients, cashew butter!

Yum!  Bliss achieved!

I'm a bar addict (not that kind of bar!) and this was one of my favorites.  It had a really rich, deep flavor that made it wholly satisfying.  With some of these bars you wish they were larger, definitely not this one!  I think the density (much thicker than a larabar for example) really makes these bars stand out.  They resemble a Clif bar, but less chewy.

Fortified, I headed out to do my final grocery shop of the year!  I had already bought several ingredients for my dinner and was simply looking for some extras to round it out.  Luckily, Sainsbury wasn't too crowded for a Saturday afternoon and I got in and out quite quickly, while picking up a few extras to bring home for the 'rents!

Cadbury Dark Chocolate, so excited to try this!

Soreen, a malty bread that's kind of squishy and some sun-dried tomatoes

Seeing as it was a pleasantly sunny and warm day, I decided to spend some time outside before returning to halls.  I decided to get a soy iced latte from Starbucks and sit outside for a bit, soaking up the rays.

Soy Iced Latte, a treat, but SO good!

Now, I'm back in halls and am running out of things to do before I start packing.  I woke up this morning and glanced around my room only to recognize the incredible amount of STUFF I've collected since arriving at uni in October.  It's really astonishing how a year ago I didn't have a life here (I didn't even KNOW where I was going to university a year ago!!) and now I not only have a life, but a house and whole lot of stuff.  I'm always pretty bad at procrastination with packing, so I think I'll manage to get it done.  Wish me luck!

So much to do!!

What about you?  How do you deal with packing, or any task that you dread? 

Un Bacione,


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