7 June 2011

Glad That's Over

Even though I woke up this morning to clouds (I am in England after all!), it felt like a lovely sunny day.  Why?  Because I am FINALLY done with exams!  Luckily, the weather seems to realize this and has been bouncing back and forth between sun and clouds all day.  Not that I'm complaining, much.

Why complain when you can see this all day?

After being a bit of a bum for the morning, I went to the university gym and sweated it out for a good while on the treadmill and then the cross trainer.  Quite a good way to mark the unofficial beginning of summer.  I've been really trying not to compare myself to other people when working out.  The gym is not a competition, I go there to try and do my personal best, not compete with someone else's.  

Then, because I spent so much time bumming around my room this morning, it was time for lunch.  Like any good university town, we have a cafe that is usually filled with uni students.  As I made my quite-often pilgrimage there, it started to rain.  How unfortunate for my hair.  No matter.  Nothing that a SUPER SALAD couldn't fix!

The cafe's website describes it as such: "Vegan & wheat free. Packed with watercress, spinach, herby chickpeas, tomato, spring onions, cucumber, mango & avocado in zesty dressing with chilli nuts & seeds."   Sign me up!

It was actually the first time I tried this salad and it lived up to my expectations, though it didn't exceed them.  I generally get a veggie burger there and would probably do so again.  On the plus side, they recently revamped their menu and I am looking forward to trying some of their new dishes, including a quinoa salad!  Of course, this will probably have to wait until september seeing as I am leaving in EIGHT DAYS.

I love you New York!  I love you summer!

Until then, however, I will be quite busy.  No bother, because I wouldn't have it any other way.  Tomorrow I shall be sorting out my storage situation over the summer as I won't get to move into my new house until September (our move in date is July 1), buying boxes and skyping with le mom.  Thursday I'm going to London to do some sightseeing and shopping.  My love for London was one of the reasons I decided to study in the UK, so I'm excited to have some time to spend there.  I haven't really been there since my unscheduled trip in December, when my flight home at Christmas was cancelled.

I can't complain, London is so pretty during Christmas!

Then I will be packing, packing and packing.  It is astonishing how much stuff I've amassed since I came here in September!  I had some friends come to visit and they asked me how I got so much stuff over in my suitcase.  The answer?  I didn't.  The majority of my room was bought post-arrival.

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a good day.  And remember, it's never too soon to start thinking about summer!

Who doesn't love frozen yogurt? 

Un Bacione,


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