25 June 2011

Out and About Friday


Yesterday, was another day spent out and about after a brisk morning jog through the park.  I've been trying to find out where I prefer running the most.  If I run around the entire park I know that I'll end up doing more exercise, but my body isn't always feeling up to it.  Last time I did that I ended up walking most of the time.  I enjoy walking, but when going out for I run, I'd prefer to spend most of my time doing just that, running!  Anyway, I decided to make my own route and ended up running for about half an hour, quite a bit less than a full loop around the park, but the majority of the time was spent running, so I'm cool with that.

the face of success :)

After the run came breakfast, which I spent most of my run debating...of course.  I ate a bowl of siggi's pomegranate and passion fruit yogurt with a handful of kashi go lean cereal and a crumbled up Clif Z bar.  There was also a bowl of berries on the side.  Definitely got my day started on the right foot!


Then it was time to go to Union Square to go to the market.  I had a couple of things I wanted to do before then, such as find some filofax paper, a refill for my pen and pick up somethings from Whole Foods.  During my wee errand running session, I also stopped at City Bakery for a cappuccino.

I also enjoyed a bit of a peanut butter cookie.  City Bakery has some of the best peanut butter cookies I've ever tasted, I always have to get one if I go there.  People may love City Bakery for their hot chocolate, but if you ask me, these cookies are really the unsung heroes.

I ate the middle and saved the rest for my dad, it has the best texture!

Then after a brief preliminary walk through the market, my mom and I met up with my dad for lunch at nanoosh, a nearby hummus restaurant.  They have several locations through the city and I'd been wanting to try it out ever since I had read about it on other blogs.  

I had the hummus platter with onions and mushrooms, it came with two whole wheat pitas

My mom got the hummus and mushroom wrap with quinoa salad,
I had a bite, so good!

Finally, we did get some flowers for our window boxes, which will soon be planted.  I used to never care about flowers or decorating, but after living in halls I definitely appreciate the warm touch they bring to a home!

Happy Weekend!

Un Bacione,


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