28 June 2011

Bubble Tea and Cappuccini

Yesterday was busy and quasi productive, marked by two very exciting beverage events.  The first occurred when I went to Starbucks in the morning to get some blog-work done.  I ordered my usual tall cappuccino, gave them my name, but when I got my cup, my jaw dropped.  They had correctly spelt my name without me telling them how to spell it.  Major props to whomever was working!


Jubilation ensued. 

Later that afternoon I took a walk with my mother and ended up finding a bubble tea place in my neighborhood.  I've been wanting to try bubble tea forever and had no clue this place existed!  Needless to say, we stopped and got some bubble tea (it's fun to say, try it, bubble tea).

We got two kinds...

Milky Black Almond Tea

Peach Green Tea

The peach tea was really good, but the almond was fantastic.  I'm definitely excited to have some more bubble tea this summer!  There are loads of places in New York that sell it and I'm definitely going to be trying quite a few.  Not to mention, I love all types of asian food, so the bubble tea will go well with that.

How was your day yesterday?  Did you do anything out of the ordinary?

Un Bacione,


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