18 June 2011

Those Lazy Days of (Early) Summer

I'm still a little bit in shock that it is summer.  For the past couple days I've been feeling as if I am on vacation, living in a limbo where nothing productive really has to get done.  This is definitely reflected in my photo taking styles, usually I'll snap a photo of everything and anything, but the past couple days I've forgotten to take many pictures!  Oh well.  Today I plan to make a list of summer goals and start in on some summer projects.  Hopefully this will help motivate me to be productive!!


Today started out with a yummy, though quite slap-dash breakfast.  My mom had just been visiting a friend before I got home, so we don't have many groceries in the house.  I'm used to being able to choose between ten different varieties of cereal, so the lack of choice is kind of overwhelming.  Finally, I decided on a bowl of Siggi's Vanilla yogurt (this stuff is amazing, even thicker and richer than greek yogurt, with similar calories and no fat) with a scoop of almond butter, some crushed graham crackers and chocolate chips.  There was also a bowl of summer berries on the side.

Looks gross, tastes awesome!!

Unfortunately, the almond butter didn't have quite as powerful of a taste as I was hoping for.  The rest was quite good and I will definitely be having this breakfast again this summer, endless possibilities!

Ingredient list=perfection!

Since I am a total nut butter fan/freak, I also tried some of the fancy chocolate hazelnut butter my mom got me.  I used to adore nutella, but recently I've been finding it way too sweet.  Although I have another gianduia spread I like (fancy pants Caffarel from Eataly), I'm always willing to try new, cheaper ones.  Soon I'm going to have to do a blind taste test on all different chocolate hazelnut butters.  This one was, eh, okay, but the chocolate tasted a little funny to me.  

Justin's Chocolate Almond butter is fantastic though

After eating breakfast I waited for my mom to get up (I am THAT jetlagged) and insisted that we go to Starbucks for some coffee.  Originally I was going to get a soy iced latte, which I obviously love.  Unfortunately, American Starbucks use vanilla soy milk, which is all kinds of crazy sweet.  Emilia's tastebuds were quite disappointed, I'm definitely not a fan of super sweet coffee.  Since, you know, my mom is awesome, I got to get an iced chai latte instead.  Thanks mom!


No real plans for today beyond planning out some summer projects and enjoying the glorious summer weather.  And yes, I am wearing shorts today, and loving it.

Un Bacione,


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