12 June 2011

A Rainy Sunday

Usually when it rains in England it drizzles on and off for the whole day while remaining depressingly grey.  Not so today.  It's been raining hard since I got up for breakfast at nine.  Usually I don't really mind the rain, but with the addition of the cold and the lack of people around it's just a little depressing.

On to happier matters however!  I've finally begun packing, hooray!  Luckily, I think the three boxes I bought on Friday should work just fine (with the addition of a couple bags!) to store all of my stuff.  Carrying them will most likely be a problem, I'll probably hit up some boys to help me (even though I have bigger muscles than some of my scrawny friends...shh!).

Last night, I feasted on a lovely dinner of roasted veggies, tofu and soreen (English bread stuff that is crazy weird and kinda addictive).  It was a really nice dinner and a perfect antidote to the hall sludge I eat during the rest of the week.  That's one thing that will be super nice about going home, getting to choose what I want to eat.  I love trying new recipes and new foods which is super hard to do in halls.  

A roasted asparagus appetizer...

...followed by the main course!

For dessert I had two of my Pierre Herme macarons (apricot almond and mint) and a cup of tea.  Even though I don't really mind cooking in halls, I'm looking forward to actually having equipment to work with next year.  Last night's roasting consisted of putting aluminum foil on the oven rack...not ideal!  Not to mention the tofu was heated up in the microwave...I guess it's better than nothing, right?

Anyway, I'm getting ready to continue dividing up stuff into boxes.  I just have to get it done and realize that there will be a slight mess around for the next couple of days.  Oh well, I may just use this as an excuse to treat myself to a nice lunch tomorrow!

Love Pret-A-Manger coffee!

Hope everyone is having a relaxing Sunday!

Un Bacione,


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  1. I just found your blog- I love it!! I'm coming to the UK next year to study in London for the year and spent the last summer at Oxford. Loved it and am looking forward to coming in the fall! It sounds like you've loved it too!!