24 June 2011

New York Rain

Is so different from English rain.  For one thing, it's actually warm, which makes all the difference to me.  Who really cares about getting wet if you can wear dresses and shorts?  Thought so.


Yesterday I woke up determined to go to a store I knew in Soho to find some new inserts for my filofax.  I adore this thing and have used up nearly all the pages in it since I go ti tfor my birthday last month.  What can I say?  I like to write!  That and I make packing lists galore. 

Of course, the store was closed.  Which majorly sucked, but I'll probably just end up ordering them online.  I just prefer to choose things in person and when I'm in New York, I feel like I should be able to find everything, but that really isn't the case.

I did however get some new measuring cups (we lost the 1/4 cup last week, no one can find it) so all was not completely lost.

Love this store! 

I also took a lovely little walk around Soho...

hello Balthazar!  

Harney tea anyone?  They have the best peppermint!

The afternoon was filled with chilling in starbucks

Comfy chairs, the only spot available on a rainy day

and baking some chocolate chip blondies with added sprinkles to bring some sunshine into our day

they were a big hit!

Maybe not brilliant food photography, but I highly recommend you make them so you can taste them for yourself.  They really do look scrumptious!  

Un Bacione,



  1. sitting in starbucks is the best way to relax on a rainy day :)

  2. it really is! a starbucks cappuccino can make SO many things better :)

  3. sitting in starbucks is the best way to relax on a rainy day :)