5 June 2011

Weekly Goals 6/6-12/6

To start off next week, I thought I'd share my health and personal goals.  Why am I dividing up the two?  Why not just make one list of goals?  Creating two separate lists keeps me more accountable to what I choose because I must be specific.  Setting goals is a great step to getting things done, but you have to set detailed goals.  If you only make vague resolutions, how are you going to know if you ever reach them?  Descriptive goals also makes them seem more achievable because you can break them up into smaller steps.  The individual goal might even be a step to a larger one!

So without further ado...

Health Goals:

1. Go to the gym twice this week, probably Tuesday and Friday, if not, Wednesday and Saturday.
2. When I have the ability to make my own food choices, such as for lunch, breakfast and snacks, avoid highly processed foods.  This includes over-processed cereals, non-natural spreads (like nutella), sugary chocolate and anything with an ingredient list that looks like a science experiment.
3. Drink the entire Evian bottle I fill up for myself in the morning.  This isn't the only water I drink, but filling up the bottle at breakfast in the morning ups my water intake for the day and is a whole lot easier than buying a new bottle every day, not to mention more environmentally friendly!

Personal Goals:

1. Buy boxes for moving stuff and sort out storage early in the week.  As in Tuesday, the day after my last exam.  This means that I need to start packing up early as well.  There is so much stuff in my room now and so much stuff that I won't need before I go.  Like all of my winter clothing or magazine back issues.
2. Read for at least thirty minutes a day.  This can be in the morning, this can be at night before I go to sleep, whenever I have time.  Recently I feel as if I've been leaving this to the side while doing other things that aren't always more productive.  Even if it means I get the slightly later bus or have to carry my book around with me, I'm going to make the effort to read.
3. Write at least one quality entry into my journal everyday.  This could be one of the prompts that I've made for myself, or it could just be whatever is on my mind.  The content isn't important, just that I take some time to sort out my thoughts on paper.

It's strange to think that next week is my last full week as a first year student at uni.  It's gone by crazy fast.  I'm certainly ready to sit my exam tomorrow, if only to be done with revising!  I'll be so relieved when I no longer have to spend hours with pointless translations and grammar exercises.  This summer I'm definitely going to have to keep up my language skills doing things I love, such as reading Italian magazines, books and watching Italian movies.

Un Bacione,


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