11 June 2011

What I Got in London

They say when in Rome, do as the Romans do.  Well I say, when in London, shop!  London has some of my favorite shopping out of any city I've been to.  Yes, it can be expensive, but most of what you'll find is unique enough to be WORTH the extra money, especially if you are calculating against the American exchange rate (trust me, I feel your pain!).

The first purchase was completely unplanned.  I was perusing a bookstore, saw this book and knew immediately it was the perfect 'Congratulations!  You finished exams!' present for myself.

The Laduree cookbook!

It comes wrapped up in a lovely box, much like the macarons...

...so gorgeous and delicious!

Honestly, I'd been thinking about getting the cookbook before, but the reviews weren't too hot.  Once I actually saw the book in person, however, I knew that even more than a cookbook, it would make a great keepsake.  I'm constantly looking to expand my collection of books that I will treasure fore many years.

There was more macaron mania to be had a Pierre Herme...

The brochure that comes with your macarons detailing all the different flavors they sell...

...the olive oil and mogadour (passion fruit and chocolate)...

...one of the best vanilla macarons I've ever had...

...and you can't go wrong with chocolate!

Although Pierre Herme recently opened up a full store in Knightsbridge, I decided to go to their kiosk at Selfridges because I wanted to look around there anyway.  As I said in my London trip re-cap, Selfridges really is my favorite department store.

I got two amazing chocolate bars with champagne centers...

...and some lindt that I'd been dying to find!

Of course, I had to stop at the huge WH Smith.

There were some other purchases made at random stops along my way...

Cappuccino flavored hard candies, so good!

Bourjois Nail Polish in a summery color

Shorts from Jack Wills

An array of postcards from the National Gallery.

All in all, it was an extremely successful trip!  I had a fun time walking around London, shopping and sightseeing.  Now, if only Pierre Herme would open up a branch in New York...at least Laduree is this summer!

Un Bacione,


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