21 June 2011

On Summer

I know I have said that I love summer about a billion times already, but I wanted to go more into depth.  Yes, I love wearing shorts and flip flops, I love eating frozen yogurt and drinking iced coffee and I love not having to scrunch up your shoulders every time you go outside in an effort to keep the warmth in.  All of these things are part of the reason I love summer, but there is so much more than just that.

I love summer because as as student it gives me the freedom to pursue things I really care about.

Like traveling!

Summer also gives me time to organize my life...

...by going through back issues of magazines

Not to mention having fun...

by hanging out with friends at the beach.

Then there's always shopping...

...at New York institutions like Tiffany.

But then again, what would summer be...

...without comparing how un-tan I am with other people (I'm on the right, duh).

Then there is the summer food...

...like frozen yogurt...

...and iced caffe lattes.

Basically, summer is one of my favorite seasons.

And not just because I can wear outfits like this!

Happy Summer Everyone!

What do you like best about summer?  Do you like anything about it?  What's your favorite season?

Un Bacione,


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