23 June 2011

Recent Eats

Okay, so I haven't been too good about taking interesting pictures recently.  Though in my defense, it's partly been because I haven't had too many interesting things to take pictures of!  Coming back home has kind of thrown me off my game, but I'm getting back to a normal productive place, slowly, but surely.


Here are some of my recent eats, some healthy, some not so healthy, all completely delicious!

Iced Soy Latte and ??? from my favorite Le Pain Quotidien

Yum!  Doesn't it just look fantastic?

My mom got a pain au raisin

Yesterday's Breakfast, a strawberry smoothie

A cafe au lait, so good!

Curried Cauliflower Wrap from 'sNice

...and the grilled vegetable sandwich.

Have a happy day!

What have you been eating recently?

Un Bacione,


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