12 July 2011

We'll Still Have the Summer

I'm totally into this summer thing and I do it quite well, if I do say so myself!  Because, you see, when summer comes around I do things like take silly photos of myself drinking iced coffee.

Of course, it was on the way to Ikea to look for some furniture for my room.  I've had the same bed since I was six or something, I think it's time for something new!  

During summer, you can't spend the entire day inside a super-air conditioned store, though. You have to include some pretty views, not to mention lunch!  Ikea food does NOT do it for me.

This hasn't been the only exciting summer event during the past week.  I like to get my culture on sometimes, so I went to the ballet with my mother.  I was a little nervous that I'd be sitting there slightly bored, but I loved it!  We saw Sleeping Beauty and it was absolutely fantastic!

Afterwards, we got some eats from Whole Foods and sat in Columbus Circle.  I love sitting there, it's so pretty and calming with the fountains, like a little oasis in the centre of the city.

That afternoon we also stopped by Grom and enjoyed a small cup with albicocca and bacio, a brilliant combination!  I absolutely loved it and would definitely get either flavor again.

Friday, I had to work, but managed to squeeze in a cup of coffee before hitting the daily grind, or the scanner.

It was good, but I cannot say that it was the best.  The schiuma art was pretty despite the lack luster flavor.

Another important part of having an awesome summer is going around New York to do random things.  Sounds fun, no?  Yesterday, I went to the container store and paragon with a couple stops along the way.  My mother and I went to Terri Vegetarian to get some lunch.  I've been wanting to try this place for a while and I was definitely not disappointed.

My mom got the grilled vegetable sandwich, which she really liked, though wasn't too keen on the bread.

I go the Thai Chicken wrap, which I thought was fantastic.  I was surprised at how huge this thing was!  At first the prices may seem steep, but for the quality and amount it's definitely worth it.

Now, I'm chilling out, drinking some iced tea and contemplating my week.  Don't you just love summer?

What have you done recently that epitomizes summer to you?  Any summer projects you're working on?

Un Bacione,


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