14 July 2011

A Bar-y Nice Snack

Okay epic fail of a title, I get it.  Today we are talking about one of my favorite snack/component of a breakfast and/or lunch foods, bars!  I know lots of people don't like them, too processed and whatnot, but I still think they are all kinds of aces.  That being said, I have some general rules for bar consumption in order to make sure I'm not eating ones that have the nutritional stats of candybars, because that just wouldn't be fun!

Larabars I don't think any discussion of good bars can be complete without including larabars.  A quick glance at the ingredients list will tell you what all the hype is about, unlike a lot of the packaged bars out there on the market, these are made with real whole ingredients, nothing you cannot pronounce here.  Normally, I'll eat these with breakfast, or as dessert.  During the summer, it's nice to cut them up and "freeze" them, they get hard and taste almost pop-sicle like.  Also check out this microwave trick.  The one downside?  Not too much protein, which is why they usually only count as a component of a meal.

Luna Protein Okay, so maybe the ingredient list isn't as "clean" as a Larabar's, but that doesn't mean Luna Protein bars aren't awesome in their own right.  They contain twelve grams of protein for anywhere from 170-190 calories, not too shabby.  The flavors they come in are also fantastic, I adore the cookie dough flavor, though peanut butter and mint chip are also good.  I eat these sometimes as post-weight workout snacks.  During the summer they can get quite melty, but nothing a quick pop in the refrigerator won't fix!

Kashi Roll These are very similar to Luna Protein bars, about twelve grams of protein and 190 calories.  The flavors are also similar, peanut butter, chocolate and other nuts make a strong appearance.  They are also huge, so if you want a generously sized bar for a snack, this is perfect!  I don't eat these all the time, they are quite difficult to find, but always enjoy them when I do.  These definitely feel like you are eating a candy bar, but the amount of protein makes them nice for a post-weights snack.

Clif Z Don't be turned off by the fact that these are marketed as being "for kids", they are completely awesome!  I eat these bars as snacks quite often, they are small, but totally filling.  My favorite thing about these are the flavors they come in, chocolate chip, smores, blueberry, peanut butter, awesome things I'm telling you.  Each bar is about 130 calories and while they don't have awesome nutrition stats, they make up for that in taste.  Total love.

Pulsin' Bars These are probably my favorite bars ever.  They are very similar to Larabars, except about 100% denser, chewier and more satisfying.  Most of the flavors are chocolate based, but they have a subtleness about them that I think even a non-chocolate loving person could appreciate.  Some are softer, like the chocolate crisp energy bomb, while others are denser, like Berry Burst or Bliss Bar, making each bar a lovely and unique experience.  They are made in the UK, but in America you can find them at larger Whole Foods stores.  Trust me, they are completely worth it.

Do you enjoy eating bars?  What is your favorite kind?  Least favorite?

Un Bacione,



  1. I love lara bars! i want to try that bliss bar though!! my favorite bars though are Pure bars.!

  2. I hope you can find one of the bliss bars, they really are different from a lot of other bars out there. I'll definitely be on the look out for pure bars now!

  3. I love lara bars! i want to try that bliss bar though!! my favorite bars though are Pure bars.!

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