5 July 2011

Must Shop NYC

I love shopping.  Frankly, I think everyone does, at least a little bit.  Who doesn't want to try on a new look, experiment with a new food, or start a new book?  Although everyone says New York is an amazing city for shopping, it takes some strategy.  There are many days when I wish I could just drive on over to a mall and have all the stores right there.  New York isn't like that, every store you want to visit seems inconveniently placed and not at all close to each other.  Of course, I still love it.  Here are my personal favorites for New York shopping.



Bloomingdales- Sure, Bergdorfs has the windows, but I'm a Bloomingdales girl.  Although they have plenty of fancy brands, they still stocking some affordable clothing.  Overall, the atmosphere is very welcoming, I don't feel silly going in there because I cannot afford to buy high fashion names.  The shoe galleries are excellent (second only to Selfridges in London) and they have some really lovely accessories.  There are two locations, one uptown and one in Soho.  They are both nice, but I'd recommend going to the uptown location first as they have a larger stock.

The Strand- Just plain impressive.  Crammed bookshelves, stacks and stacks of books, good prices.  Definitely a New York institution.

Kinokuniya- Japanese bookstore.  No, I don't speak japanese and have no intention of ever learning to, but the stationary selection here is fantastic.  They have so many cool pens, pencils, highlighters, folders, notebooks, I think I've gotten the majority of my back to school selection here for the past couple years.  Seriously awesome stuff.  Even if you aren't into japanese things, I'll bet you will be able to find something you like.

Pearl River Market- Another asian selection, but they have so much more than just "asian stuff".  This place is seriously awesome for their selection of cheap dishes and cheap things you never knew you needed, but just have to have.  I've gotten everything from sushi rolling mats to cosmetic bags with french sayings here.  They seriously have everything you could ever think to want.

Limelight Marketplace- Not a single store, rather a collection of small stalls from bigger brands.  Shopping here is fun just for the awesome location, it's in a converted church and is absolutely gorgeous.  They also have an interesting selection too with everything from Havianas and Hunter to Le Sportsac and French Connection.

N.Y. Cake- If you like to bake, this place is seriously the bomb.  They have absolutely everything you could possibly want in your baking adventures and some things you won't even know how a person could use it.  Want a cake in the shape of hello kitty?  Go there to get the pan!  I've bought so many cookie cutters, pans and boxes of fondant here.  This place is impressive.

Rugby- Ralph Lauren's younger line.  My favorite things from here are definitely the rugby shirts, but this is an awesome place for sales.  I got an entire bathing suit from here for $40 with sales, complete win.  They sell preppy pieces with a twist.

Madewell- J.Crew's younger line that has a more urban/undone aesthetic.  They have really great pieces that are simple, yet unexpected.  Check this place out for great jeans and other american casual pieces.


Of course, there are plenty of other amazing places to shop in NYC, this list just scratches the tip of my best of iceberg!  Have fun, explore and you are sure to find a place that sells something you love.  Just, don't expect to find everything you want or find it easily!

Un Bacione,


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