15 July 2011

Cupcake Friday: Cookie Dough and Vanilla

This week's cupcakes were straight Crumbs inspired.  Cookie dough is one of my absolute favorite flavors, though I've never liked how they have a chocolate as opposed to cookie dough filled centre.  Obviously, I needed to change this!  I'm not a huge vanilla fan, but my parents are, so I chose to re-do the traditional vanilla cupcake into something that, hopefully, turned out a bit more exciting.

I used the same recipe base, though I changed the ingredients slightly.  Instead of using applesauce, I opted for canola oil.  Although I usually choose whole wheat flour, we didn't have any this week, so I replaced it with white flour.  These replacements were quite nice.  Personally, I prefer the taste of whole wheat flour, in the future I will definitely be using that, but I think the canola oil change is here to stay.  The texture you get with applesauce is nice, dense and moist, but compared to the texture with oil, applesauce produces an undeniably gummy result.  The crumb when using canola oil produces a much more traditional cupcake texture, one that is highly comparable to what you would get at Crumbs!

For frosting the cookie dough cupcake I used this recipe.  I used brown sugar instead of white sugar and halved it.  Of course, you could make the whole recipe, use what you need to frost the cupcake and make cookie dough balls with the rest!  For chocolate chips I used Guittard semi-sweet.

I made my own frosting for the vanilla cupcake.  It ended up tasting like a sugar cookie glaze...I guess you could call it a sugar cookie cupcake!

Vanilla "Sugar Cookie" Frosting
frosts one medium sized cupcake

4 Tbsp Confectioners Sugar
1 Tbsp Flour
Almond Milk added as needed (at least 2 Tbsp)

Add sugar and some milk.  Stir.  Add in some flour.  Stir.  If needed add in more milk until you get the consistency you want.  It should be thick and able to hold some shape, but not chalky.  You also don't want it to be too runny or it will drip all the way down your cupcake.

What is your favorite kind of frosting?

Un Bacione,


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  1. my favorite frosting is definatly coconut.. yumm