2 July 2011

June Re-Cap

Can you believe it's July 2nd already?  I sure can't!  Part of me feels like summer is going by too fast, yet I still have so much time left.  Crazy.  Anyway, here are some of the highlights of this past (fun and super busy) month.

The month began with crazy amounts of studying in order to get ready for my Italian grammar exam!

Then progressed to days spent enjoying coffee at my favorite cafe and going to my university gym...

...while I searched for those ever elusive boxes.

In the midst of all this I took a day trip to London...

...where I ate plenty of macarons...

...and bought plenty of chocolate.

I've also consumed my weight in iced soy lattes (though I learnt to be careful when ordering them in American Starbucks!).

I even made myself some decent meals in my teeny tiny hall kitchen!

I lived in disarray while packing up my room before coming home for the summer.

All that packing and disarray made me want  to pull my hair out.

But I made it home to enjoy a croissant at my favorite bakery.

I made some intensely peanut-buttery peanut butter cups for my dad for father's day.

Though we also spent a nice day out together.

I didn't go to Le Pain Quotidien nearly enough (though did manage to go on two different continents!).

Certainly managed to get my (mostly vegan) bake on!

I tried, and loved, bubble tea.

Hope everyone had a great June!  Here's to an awesome July!!

Un Bacione,


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