26 May 2011

Reasons why I suddenly want to watch The Hills when studying Italian grammar

Arts and Social Sciences Library.  Before noon.  Sitting on a couch with the book "English Grammar for Students of Italian" and a list of verbs conjugated in the passato remoto (which the book doesn't seem to recognize as having an english equivalent).  My neighbours (neighbors?) seem to be second year law students.  They have not studied.  They have an essay-based exam soon.  They are using words that seem to belong on a court room day-time tv program.

I am studying grammar.

This is the state of mind that makes me think I would like to watch The Hills.  A second later I feel like barfing.  Why on earth would I want to watch The Hills, the epitome of un-reality tv, when my reality is so much more...real?

Here is a list of reasons.

1.  My planner lists the days of the week in different languages and Monday says Montag.  It makes me think that the name 'Heidi Montag' sounds really German.  I cringe that this is the first thing that comes to mind and make a mental note to research something else about German culture.

2.  If I analyzed the techniques used by the director of The Hills to make everything seem so ridiculous, I'm sure you could make a good reality tv show about a library during exam time.  I have everything I need right here, the geeks, the people-who-study-hard-because-all-they-do-is-party-during-term-time and the guys who aren't really studying at all.  Frankly, I don't think they even have any books with them.

3.  Grammar is pretty dull.  I'm starting to write sentences that say things like 'I believed the flowers looked pretty when I was young'.  I don't think that has any meaning in English or Italian.  At least, no person ever needs to say that ever.  Although you could probably hear someone say something equally stupid on a reality tv show.

4.  It's raining outside.  I wish it was sunny.  It is sunny in California. The Hills is set in California.  I have officially been studying too long and my brain is beginning to free associate.

5.  I wonder how my hair would look slightly blonder?  I like Lauren Conrad's hair color, just blonde enough and not fake looking.  I should watch some of The Hills to debate if it would look good on me.

6.  I wish it was warmer here.  You know where it's warmer?  California!  You know what is set in California?  Oh please someone shoot me know.

7.  I bet you other people here watch The Hills.  I bet money some of them even watch Jersey Shore.  I bet most of them will watch Geordie Shore.  This makes me want to cry even more than conjugating verbs in the passato remoto.

8.  Someone just walked by me wearing Hollister sweatpants.  I wonder if people really wear Hollister in California.  I've never been out there, though I get the idea from The Hills.  They drive a lot.  I cannot drive.  I'd most likely die.

9.  I haven't watched too much tv while avoiding work recently.  I wonder if I should watch some of The Hills this evening?

10.  I'm going home soon!!  Though people here think America and equate it with things like The Hills, Abercrombie and Sarah Palin.  I need to go cry now.  Maybe I should study up on my own culture and watch some of The Hills.

Ultimately I take a study break.  I don't watch The Hills.  I eat a veggie burger for lunch and write some postcards to friends back home.  It's still rainy though.

Un Bacione,


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