30 May 2011

College Cooking 102-"Stocking" The Refrigerator

I cannot wait to move into a house with my friends next year.  Of course, I'm glad I spent my first year in halls, but the truth is that I hate living out of one room, with a scheduled meal time and being woken up by people who come back from drunken nights at three am.  Not to mention the fire alarm going off the night before a big exam because someone burnt their bacon sandwich.  Oh yeah, hall life is fun.

Still, I realize it is an integral part of the university experience and something that I'm lucky I don't have to do for all four years of my degree. Frankly, I'm sick of eating the junk they serve us here.  I'm not too big on meat, which just makes the sunday roast a bit less eventful.  Cooking for myself is one of the reasons I'm most excited to live in my own house.  That way I'll know if anyone took my food, though I don't see rice milk being the most popular item to pilfer any time soon!

I have to cook for myself Saturday and Sunday evenings as my hall only does brunch on the weekends.  Fine by me!  I enjoy taking up the challenge to cook myself healthy, quick and fun meals.  Usually I take Saturday morning (or Friday afternoon if I don't have anything to do or know I'll be busy on Saturday) to go and do some grocery shopping.  I only buy what I'll need for the weekend and try to buy things that can be easily hidden in our communal fridge.  A microwave meal might be tempting, but it's a whole lot more likely to get stolen than some precut vegetables!

Here is my general grocery list:
-Pre-cut vegetables for stir-frys (Sainsbury's and Waitrose sell some nice ones with a variety of different flavours and vegetables, I usually get two and make one each day as I love loads of vegetables for my dinner)
-Pre-cut marinated tofu
-Pre-packaged quinoa/lentils
-Frozen fruit
-Pre-cut vegetables for roasting (incredibly easy and very few dishes to wash afterwards!)
-Yogurt/smoothies (be careful with this one as they are super easy for people to take)
-Veggie Burgers

Combining the above with the non-perishable grocery list will provide you with an array of different options for cooking at the weekend, in the evening, or whenever you feel the need for some real food instead of the wonders of industrial-style cooking.

Un Bacione,


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