25 May 2011

Dear Person Sitting Next to me in the library,

I understand that you may be bored from studying, I'm sorry, revising.  I understand, I really do.  But that doesn't mean that you should be facebook stalking your ex while the rest of us are trying to work.  Trust me, I have a hard enough time trying to think about anything original to say about Italian crime novels as you have a difficult time remembering anything about economics, at least that's what I think you are studying from the huge stack of economics books sitting next to me precariously invading the little area I have carved out with my pencil case.

If I was you, I would begin by getting off facebook, at least while on public use computers.  This is why they invented the iphone/blackberry/whatever kind of expensive phone you have app for facebook, so you can check it compulsively when in public places.  Of course, if you are like me, the La Repubblica app will send you more notifications than facebook.  Especially for soccer, I mean football, updates when you are trying to go to sleep on sunday evenings.

Now where was I?  Oh that's right, uses of public computers during finals.  Or is it exam time?  Let's call them interchangeable.  All I'd really like right now is for Mr.Facebook-Stalker-in-the-library to get off and move some of his unopened economics books so I can open the fully annotated edition of Il Cortegiano and Italian Culture: An Introduction and get some of this essay done.

But that's probably too much to ask.  So I'll just say I'm Emilia.  I study Italian.  Welcome.

Un Bacione,


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