29 May 2011

Breakfast in Halls, or how to not die when only eating cereal

I hate cereal.  My memories of it surround eating stale cheerios in the morning before school when I could barely stomach eating anything.  Generally, from kindergarten through twelfth grade I hated breakfast.  It was always such a nothing meal when all I wanted was to be asleep.

Well things change.

Living in halls at university breakfast is a great chance to jump start your day, talk to people and fuel your body.  Of course, it isn't always easy to make good choices when surrounded by cereals and all the components of a full english fry up.  Here is one of my favourite ways to have a good breakfast, that is actually quite tasty too!

Muesli/Faux Oatmeal "cookie"

Scoop of yogurt (my hall only offers plain, but try it with all kinds, any kinds, coconut yogurt, soy yogurt, whatever you please!)

Heaping scoop of muesli/oats

Any Add ins you can think of (chocolate chips, raisins, dried fruit, peanut butter, all are good!)

Mix everything together.  If you want a runnier "cookie" add some milk.

Okay, it isn't exactly gourmet, but certainly tastes yummy and starts the day off nicely.

Un Bacione,


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