29 May 2011

College Cooking 101-An Introduction

Yes, the title is mostly a joke.  I'm not in college, it's called university, and all of my courses have long number codes like 10027 (Reading Renaissance Culture, I believe it was).

Yet, what's not a joke is making food for yourself in college/university/higher education.  When Sunday evening rolls around and I start to get hungry I don't always want to make myself a nice meal.  That being said I know that if I get chinese takeaway, domino's pizza, or just microwave a meal I'm not going to be feeling too hot.  Take it from me, it is possible to cook decent food in university, even if you have a meal plan.

A grilled mozzarella sandwich with pesto and mushrooms?  I wish I could eat like this every day!  Only at home.

Although I might not be capable of making myself any gourmet meals, knowing some quick tricks and what to buy at the supermarket can help make those times when you need to cook for yourself so much easier!

The first rule of college cooking is always having some staples on hand.  Non-perishables that can keep in your room are crucial as you know they will be there when you need them.  Anything put into a communal refrigerator can easily be nabbed by people with the drunken munchies.

Emilia's Must-Haves (non-refrigerator)
-Pasta, preferably whole-wheat
-Microwave rice packets (brown rice)
-Olive oil
-Instant oatmeal (I always get original)
-Fruit and nut/Granola bars (I choose larabars, but be smart, we'll talk about this later)
-Dried Fruit (apricots, dates, raisins, choose whatever you can find!)
-Nuts (I like almonds and hazelnuts, though peanuts are always a good choice)
-Nut butter (my favourite is almond butter)
-Chocolate (good quality, dark)

From these basic ingredients you can add a variety of perishable items to create quick, decently rounded meals.  It's also a good idea to at least have a pot, a bowl, a plate, some cutlery and a strainer to cook with, but we'll discuss this more in detail later.

Un bacione,


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