3 August 2011

What's in my bag?

Looks simple on the outside.  This thing can't fit too much right?  Of course not, I'm a simple kind of girl...

Bag: Paul's Boutique, from Topshop

Or maybe not.

The contents of my bag.  They just fell out like that, I swear ;)

So what is all that?  Why do I need it?  Well, lets see.

The makeup section.  In the small bag that resembles a chocolate bar (given to me as a gift) I have, Kiehls French Rose lip gloss, dior eyeliner in black, some blotting papers, strawberry lip balm and a tokidoki by smashbox mirror.  The key ring is from Tous and the random green coin was from my uni's modern languages ball.

Obviously, every girl has gotta carry gum and an umbrella (cath kidston).  The red folder they are perched on is my intern handbook.

Then there is the wallet, which is Mark B from Topshop; the cell phone with a hello kitty charm I got from a gumball machine in Italy, my keys with a Hello Kitty key topper and my green ipod nano.

I also managed to fit in my trust A5 filofax and the book I was reading, The Rossetti Letter by Christi Phillips.

Yes, my bag is usually quite heavy.  That day I also carried my lunch and a bottle of water with me, so it was even more bloated in the morning.  Ultimately, I would rather have everything I need and a heavy bag than leave something important home!

What are your must-carry essentials?

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